Message - Hari Subramaniam

Way back in 1899, long before people began to fly or Edison invented light bulbs, Charles H Duel, Commissioner of US Patent and Trademarks Office stated that “everything that can be invented has been invented”. As the new century unfolded, this statement turned out to be perhaps the greatest patent untruths of all time.
If the first half of the last century witnessed industrial revolution, the second half saw the world moving rapidly towards “knowledge economy”.  Almost every country - developed or developing - recognised that knowledge was the key to progress and the only bone of contention was – and still is – what to protect and how much to protect.
Distances have ceased to be formidable and information is available at will - at the blink of an eyelid or click of a mouse. The world has shrunk in size and people are connected in real time across time zones spanning more than twenty hours. Knowledge is no longer paper based and ease of access to information is mind boggling.  Innovators around the world unleash inventions by the minute and new products and technology hit the market every single day – and all this is made possible only by the recognition and protection of Intellectual Property Rights.

As the IP Offices, the bar and the bench work in tandem for the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights, APAA (India Group) has done its part to help to share knowledge and evolve a better system, law and IP regime which in turn will encourage all those who work for the triumph of mind over matter.  In the past few years alone, our Group has taken several matters involving sensitive issues to the court and has played a very important role towards the creation of separate offices for the Intellectual Property Appellate Board. If we have been able to see further than before, it is only because we were standing on the shoulders of giants like past Presidents like       N. K. Anand, K.T.S. Tulsi, Praveen Anand, Jyoti Sagar and  Amarjit Singh. I can also see that the present President Prathiba Singh has already raised the bar considerably for herself and the coming days promise to be very exciting and productive.  

My congratulations to APAA India Group, its officers and members for completing 20 glorious years.

Hari Subramaniam
APAA (India Chapter)