Message - C. K. Kwong J.P.

My fellow Members of the APAA in India.

As President of the Asian Patent Attorneys Association, I extend to you my warmest congratulations on celebrating the Indian Group’s 20 years of APAA. 

In the last 2 decades, the Indian Group has made important contributions to the development of India’s modern Intellectual Property laws and regime.  Prominent members of the Indian Group took part in IP legislative reforms and made valuable recommendations to the Indian Government when India ratified the agreement establishing the World Trade Organization (WTO) embodying the Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) 1995, joining the Paris Convention and PCT in 1998 resulting in dramatic changes to its local IPR landscape. 

After becoming the 11th Recognized Group of the Association, it is now the third largest group within the APAA with representations in our International Committees and the APAA Academy.  It is also the biggest association of IP professionals in India with membership spreading across and commanding a high professional posture in all important states in your Country.

The APAA Indian Group is an active and vibrant group which exemplifies the APAA spirit of fostering ties of mutual friendship and understanding and promoting the protection and development of Intellectual Property in the Asian Region.

Congratulations again and best wishes for many more years of success!

C. K. Kwong J.P. (Justice of the Peace)