Message - Past-President of APAA (Indian Group)

A very warm welcome to all of you on the occasion of the 20th year of the formation of APAA. On behalf of the Executive and myself, I would like to congratulate all members on this occasion. APAA Indian group is the largest association of members from the IP fraternity in India. Almost all law firms who do Intellectual Property work have their attorneys as members of our group.

Today, the Indian group is well recognized for its professional competence and the members of the Indian group have performed extremely well in various roles as Council members, Committee members. In recent times, the Indian group has played an active role and has contributed immensely in agitating issues which concern the IP fraternity.

The Indian group has received enormous co-operation and goodwill from APAA. The President, members of the Ex-Com/ Ad-Com, the various other recognized groups are all worth mentioning on this occasion for their co-operation and friendship. Special thanks to President – Mr. C. K. Kwong, Mr. Dato Kandan and Mr. Greg Munt for having joined us on this occasion. On behalf of APAA, I also extend a warm welcome to Mr.Bastiaan Koster, President of FICPI who has joined us today.

In recent times, we have seen the Association grow younger with a large number of young members having joined the group. As the President, I wish to convey that the baton is passing and they should be willing to shoulder the responsibility and take the Group forward from strength to strength.

On behalf of the members of the Indian group, I thank the Hon’ble Minister, Judges of the Supreme Court and High Court, the Controller General and the office bearers of the various government offices for having graced the occasion with their presence.

Warm Regards,
Hon'ble Ms. Justice Prathiba M. Singh
Past President, APAA(Indian Group)